CRM Audit

Your current Salesforce configuration, including usage, reporting and activities, should reflect the needs of your team and should meet the needs of your organization.

Why Is It Important?

An audit of an organization’s Salesforce setup is the first step in optimizing the platform to better match the way your team works, as well as to maximize the return on your Salesforce investment. This evaluation helps organizations define their pain points within Salesforce and identify opportunities to for customization to streamline usage and increase effectiveness.

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What Value Does It Deliver?

Optimally tuned, Salesforce is a robust, powerful platform that can streamline and scale your team’s operations.

Salesforce was built specifically to be customized to match your team’s workflows. Like an engine, performance is increased when its specifically tuned for maximum power. Salesforce is no different – it is the engine that drives various functions of your organization.

As organizations grow and evolve, so do the needs of their CRM. Yet, Salesforce is often implemented and left as-is, not evolving as the company does. This is an opportunity lost, and one that can be costly, leading to inefficiencies, lost revenue opportunities, and silos of information. This strategic audit is the first step in tuning your Salesforce engine for maximum performance.

What Is It Designed To Do?

The Salesforce Audit is designed to deliver a list of recommendations for how to enhance an organization’s current Salesforce environment. The results enable your team to increase user adoption, streamline workflows, improve reporting and analytics, determine areas for cost recovery and, ultimately, tune your Salesforce environment to do the most for your organization.

TMD’s Salesforce Audit is also built to support the following actions:

  • Reduce friction and improve user satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Identify and improve data input and usage
  • Declutter and customize page layouts by role or function
  • Deepen analytical insights to improve reporting and dashboards
  • Improve data security to show the right data to the right roles
  • Identify opportunities to unify tools on a single platform

What Does The Client Get?

The deliverables of a Salesforce Audit are actionable so that the next steps to execute on what was discovered can be deliberate in approach.

The following is what is typically delivered as part of the TMD Salesforce Audit solution:

  • An initial consultation session with a Salesforce-certified professional to establish a detailed articulation of business operations, history, objectives, structure, customers, products and services, as well as the organization’s’ short, mid and long-term goals
  • Stakeholder engagement and interviews with a defined group of key stakeholders to identify what’s currently working or not working, future-state wish list items, and opportunities for unification and consolidation
  • A comprehensive review of the organization’s configured Salesforce system to provide insight into what’s been done and what is currently being done
  • Detailed metrics to establish baseline and goals for recommended changes
  • An in-depth report that covers an overview of the current environment, areas of strength and opportunity, areas that represent an issue or weakness, and a list of requirements to address in order to meet the organization’s objectives
  • Recommendations about customizations, configurations, or products/licenses to enhance current capabilities and to set the organization up for the improved operations that will unlock long term success

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

A Salesforce Audit enables organizations to understand current limitations and benefits. It will allow you to articulate what’s working and not working and informs a plan of action for iterative improvement, taking into consideration the timeline and costs for enhancements.

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