Mind the Gap

Current brand performance hasn’t been designed to deliver future goals and objectives. The gap between a brand’s current performance and what it needs to be successful in the future is where brands are failing and dying.

Why Is It Important?

Identifying and understanding the gap that exists between current and future state ensures that the allocation of budget, resources and efforts are consistent with those priorities that will close the gap and deliver ROI to the organization in the most efficient manner and timeline possible.

What Value Does It Deliver?

The process articulates how the organization mitigates and closes the gap between current and ideal state through a series of recommended strategies/tactics/next best actions:

  1. Brand Identity – the brand’s value proposition and how it is packaged (look and feel) and delivered to the market today vs. what it needs to be
  2. Employee Culture / Experience – how employee culture is currently aligned and structured with the organization’s goals vs. what it needs to be
  3. Customer Experience – how the brand is currently delivered to the customer (across all touch points) vs. what it needs to be

What Is It Designed To Do?

Identify a series of prioritized next best actions that help an organization improve or evolve the three primary brand components of employee, customer and identity from their current state level of performance to the performance and structure required to deliver against longer-term goals and objectives.

What Does The Client Get?

Mind the Gap leverages TMD’s proprietary Experience Journey Mapping methodology and software platform to create current state an future state experience journey maps for both the employee and customer experience (includes identification of all touch points, moments of truth, pain points and functional ownership).

The process also creates a current state diagnostic of the brand’s identity and how it’s currently performing across key indicators such as: logo, tagline(s), colour palette, voice, tone, imagery, key message and values alignment and asset inventory and deployment consistency.

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

TMD’s Mind the Gap is designed to provide a short-, mid- and long-term roadmap to a fully integrated and aligned plan to achieve future state across a brand’s core components of employee, customer and identity.

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