“it's perfect, now make it better”*

Columbia Sportswear has been helping people stay warm, dry, cool and protected for more than 70 years. Promising consumers that their products have been tested against every type of weather demands a no-nonsense brand experience that will deliver without question. “It's perfect, now make it better” is the standard that Chairman Gert Boyle demands from her employees, her products and her business partners.

*Columbia Sportswear Company Chairman, ‘mother’ Gert Boyle

the task:

Integrated marketing deployment of optimized media, social, event and PR planning designed to drive awareness and brand engagements which demonstrate the brand message, product innovation, quality and technology all synchronized to ultimately drive retail sales.


Delivery of the TESTED TOUGH brand message to the target consumer through a multi-channel brand experience consisting of earned and paid media, social, events and pr.

Net Growth

Service Utilization

4 brands/4,500 projects/20 years of partnership/double-digit growth

Business Growth

Global Impact

Improved Media Efficiency


Increased brand presence in the Canadian market earned on the back of a strategic and tactical partnership spanning two decades, comprised of hundreds of projects and engagements supporting business growth in Canada and the United States across all brands.