TMD’s Baker’s Dozen

We’ll never shortchange our clients

We are not historians, but the Baker’s Dozen warrants a quick history lesson (super quick, we promise). Once upon a time, the bakers (that’s us) would deliver 13 items instead of the required 12 to Royalty (that’s our clients) to make sure that they exceeded expectations and added value.


Creative is More than a Department

We are creative designers, thinkers and problem-solvers producing relevant, effective and inspiring results.


What’s in a Name

What we do is in our name and fundamental to how we service our client partners.


Loud and Proud 

We will challenge convention, asking difficult questions, and value each and every option.


2 is Better than 1 

With experience from both brand and agency sides, our team strikes the best balance for clients. 


The Eco-System 

The customer journey is no longer linear. Strengthening relationships, creating advocacy and optimizing results will produce sustainable engagement. 



We have the know-how to get the job done and do the job exceptionally well. 


More than a Feeling 

Performance-based solutions with objectives and goals will deliver results that are earned, not simply left to chance. 


What it Takes 

Insights help strengthen understandings and facilitate engagements that deliver recurring ROI – we can help with that.


Better Together 

We’ll collaborate with subject matter experts to hone in on their expertise to get the best solution for your brand.


Locally Global 

Local knowledge with global networks to bring the best minds together for the best progress and results. 


Gimmie 2 Reasons

Acquisition and retention – our main focus for everything we do. 


What’s in Our Toolbox 

Understand the problem first, execution second. Picking the right tool(s) for the right problem is responsible, strategic and the right thing to do. 


Bucking the Status Quo 

Our immediate team makes decisions in the best interests of our client partners, always and without question.

So far so good?

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