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Strategy. Creative. Performance

We are a bit different

Our unique recipe for success is a collection of key elements called TMD’s Baker’s Dozen

A baking tray with an extra highlighted cup, representing the baker's dozen

What we do

Brand Strategy

Creative Design

CRM and Customer Experience

Advertising and Paid Media

Market and Consumer Research

Digital Design

Social Media

Public Relations

Go-to-Market Planning

Web Development

Content and Copywriting

Brand Promotion

Their talent was not the only driving factor that led to our partnership. There are a lot of talented agencies throughout the province and beyond. However, we were looking for a partner that fully understood our brand and could help us enhance that brand, which is exactly what TMD did.

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The work we do is important. How we work together with each other, our partners and their customers is how we make a difference.

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Marketing is about selling. Plain and simple. Otherwise, there’s no good reason to do it. Marketing without the aim of directly contributing to revenue isn’t worth the time, resources, or budget.
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