The pressure for internal marketing and business development teams to allocate resources, efforts and budgets to those activities that will deliver the greatest return is significant.

TMD’s Discovery process is designed to identify and articulate stakeholder needs – from the business, your customers, your prospects and your employees – that are used to establish requirements that guide the development of strategy, websites, applications and other supporting executions.

Why Is It Important?

It determines which parts of the organization have the greatest opportunity to deliver ROI and create a competitive advantage. A rapid, agile-like assessment is the best way to identify and validate how to prioritize next best actions and align efforts with results.

What Value Does It Deliver?

It provides an objective stakeholder-centric perspective of what your business does, how well it delivers against its brand promise, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

What Is It Designed To Do?

Establish a framework from which to plan, develop strategy and determine the tactics you will use to engage your stakeholders. Discovery is designed to support the development of Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Go-to-Market Business Strategy and Digital Strategy.

What Does The Client Get?

TMD’s Discovery Process delivers:

  • In-depth session to establish a benchmark and set expectations
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement to collect and provide a detailed articulation of business, stakeholder and content requirements
  • A competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder personas and experience conversion scenarios
  • A comprehensive content strategy based on the above

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

TMD’s Discovery Process is designed to facilitate the development of strategy – whether a broader marketing go-to-market strategy or a specific digital channel strategy.

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