Donor Acquisition Strategy

TMD’s Donor Acquisition Strategy is a data, analytics and discovery-driven process designed to establish a framework for a Foundation's new business identification, definition and development.

Why Is It Important?

This process will enable a more effective means of planning for and forecasting where new donation revenue will come from, quarter by quarter and year over year.

More and more, the ability to project and forecast new donation revenue and retained donation revenue and donors is critical. It’s also important to understand how a Foundation will create new opportunities through the establishment of new donor personas and targets to ensure its ability to contribute to the needs of the brand for the years ahead.

What Value Does It Deliver?

TMD’s Donor Acquisition Strategy provides a framework to effectively set priorities for the upcoming year, knowing they are consistent with a longer-term view of how the Foundation will continue to sustain growth. This enables a more direct path to ROI and ROE and a more productive deployment and allocation of budget, resources and efforts.

What Is It Designed To Do?

TMD’s Donor Acquisition Strategy is designed to establish a framework from which to plan, develop strategy and determines the tactics required to engage target personas to acquire new donation revenue and increase market share. The Donor Acquisition Strategy is designed to support the implementation of an Integrated Brand Platform, and supporting Marketing, Business Development and Digital Strategies.

What Does The Client Get?

TMD’s Donor Acquisition Strategy has four (4) primary components:

  1. Discovery – designed to leverage existing research and data, understand what works, what doesn’t work and what we need to do to be effective and deliver results
  2. Differentiation – defined to articulate why you’re different, why anyone cares, why they come back, why they give to you over another cause and how to create value propositions that resonate and facilitate conversion
  3. Distribution – where to deploy marketing and communications campaigns, create experiences, define channels, engage donors, segment personas and engage more of them, more often, more effectively
  4. Deployment – the specific tactics and activities we use to take your brand to market, engage with target consumers, make them care, influence them to give, compel them to come back and give again, and create advocates

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

A Donor Acquisition Strategy provides the ability to forecast revenue – knowing what’s required to attract, acquire and convert it – and develop the marketing and business development plan required in order to deliver it.

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