Rapid Customer Journey Mapping

In a commoditized market, the customer experience (CX) is the last opportunity for a brand to differentiate itself and ensures opportunities for improvements and value-added efforts are meaningful and valuable to the customer.

Why Is It Important?

It ensures an organization’s subsequent marketing and communications efforts are focused and directed on those areas – touch points and stages of the customer experience – that will have the greatest impact on the customer experience and as a result deliver the greatest return to the organization in the shortest time possible.

What Value Does It Deliver?

A platform and a framework for business strategy and marketing and communications planning – properly putting the customer in the centre and ‘putting a firm’s money where its mouth is” and creating a customer-centric go-to-market operating model and employee culture.

What Is It Designed To Do?

Create a validated end-to-end current state customer journey map for the organization that can be used to ensure budget, resource and effort allocations are aligned with what will deliver a positive experience to the customer and at the same time deliver the most value to the organization.

What Does The Client Get?

TMD’s Rapid CJM delivers the following:

  • The ‘rapid’ journey mapping of the current state customer experience
  • Internally validated customer touch points across all stages and functions
  • Identification of Moments of Truth and Pain Points
  • Diagnosis and assessment of current state experience
  • Articulation of marketing implementation ‘road map’
  • Prioritize lifecycle stages and touch points based on criticality and impact on the customer experience – Do Now, Do Next and Do Later
  • Identified marketing recommendations focused on specific stage activity
  • A targeted campaign-approach implementation plan
  • Identified measures and KPIs consistent with customer priorities to build a business case for future investments

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

TMD’s Rapid CJM is designed to facilitate the prioritization of next best actions – whether for a business, go-to-market or marketing strategy – based on where efforts can have the most positive impact on the customer experience and yield the greatest return.

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