Rapid Go-To-Market Strategy

Our clients are facing significant challenges to acquire and retain customers, donors, investors, students and distribution partners.

TMD’s Rapid Go-to-Market Strategy (GTMS) is a rapid, discovery-driven process designed to establish a framework for an organization’s new business identification, definition and development.

Why Is It Important?

This process enables the organization to better plan for and forecast where new revenue will come from, quarter by quarter and year over year. An organization’s ability to project and forecast new revenue and retained revenue is critical.

What Value Does It Deliver?

TMD’s Rapid GTMS provides an accelerated ability to create a framework that enables an organization to efficiently and cost-effectively establish priorities for the upcoming year, enabling a faster ROI and a more productive deployment and allocation of budget, resources and efforts.

What Is It Designed To Do?

Establish a framework from which to plan, develop strategy and determine the tactics you will use to engage your prospects to acquire new revenue and increase market share. Rapid GTMS is designed to support the development of an organization’s Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Sales and Distribution Strategies and Digital Strategy.

What Does The Client Get?

TMD’s Rapid GTMS Process includes the following:

  1. Discovery – designed to define who you are, what you do, what works, what doesn’t work and where do we want to go
  2. Differentiation – defined to articulate why you’re different, why anyone cares, why they come back, why they recommend you to someone else
  3. Distribution – how you move product / services, create experiences, define channels, engage partners, segment your business and sell more
  4. Deployment – how we take your brand to market, engage with target consumers, make them care, influence them to buy, compel them to come back, and create advocates

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

TMD’s Rapid GTMS Process is designed to facilitate the development of a new business acquisition strategy – including a marketing and business development strategy, including specific digital channel integration, as well as complementary existing business retention and penetration strategies for current clients.

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