Rapid Net Promoter Score Accelerator

The ability to identify un-profitable business that is scoring low from an NPS perspective and understand whether or not it’s cost effective to try and improve the relationship is a key component to profitable retention.

TMD’s Rapid NPS Accelerator is an engagement designed to complement a client retention strategy by rapidly diagnosing existing NPS scores across a product line, segment or book of business and understand what’s required in order to move clients from a Detractor to a Neutral and ultimately to a Promoter, and whether or not this effort is a cost effective use of budget and resources.

Why Is It Important?

It’s an effective mechanism to derive real value from an NPS program that has stalled or isn’t delivering a return to the organization.

What Value Does It Deliver?

A holistic and objective analysis of clients within a product line, segment or book of business based on their NPS scores and is designed to articulate a focused and targeted plan to retain and increase NPS scores.

What Is It Designed To Do?

Create a validated end-to-end view of a specific group of clients for the organization based on their existing NPS scores, current profitability and the projected costs to enhance or improve retention.

What Does The Client Get?

A detailed summary of strategic recommendations and insights based on the engagement and recommendations for making improvements to the customer experience that can return results to the organization cost effectively and efficiently.

What Can You Do Once You Have It?

TMD’s Rapid NPS Accelerator is designed to facilitate the prioritization of next best actions based on where efforts can have the most positive impact on a profitable and efficient customer experience.

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