TMD Finds Success During COVID-19; Expands Business and Announces New Office in London

Published Date: September 8, 2020

TMD has been operating in London and serving clients across Canada and the United States for 25 years. Since Chairman David Hicks and President and CEO Dave Cliche took over TMD five years ago this month, they have been steadily building the team, expanding a global client list that includes many local London organizations, increased business in the US and the UK, and created new industry capabilities, all from London, Ontario.

In March, when many agencies were faced with the decision of whether or not to tighten up and scale back, TMD opted to invest in people and capabilities despite the disruption caused by COVID-19. TMD kept its team intact, created more local jobs, and added new services so it could better support clients through economic uncertainty, such as helping them shift their focus to recovery and helping them plan for what comes next. That commitment has resulted in new hires and new clients added to the company’s existing book of business.

david cliche in tmd office while it is being built
Above: Dave Cliche overseeing TMD’s new office renovations
(Photo courtesy of London Inc. Magazine / Steve Martin)

“Our staff have been working remotely with our vendors, our clients, and with each other since March,” says CEO and President of TMD, Dave Cliche. “Many of our clients and their initiatives represent some of the hardest-hit industries, such as healthcare, not-for-profits, sports and entertainment, construction, and retail. Our team had to pivot quickly to support the new realities our partners were facing with their communications, marketing, and events. Plans and campaigns that had been a year in the making had to evolve overnight and hour-by-hour as news and restrictions impacted their businesses. Through this, we were committed to not cutting our team, to maintaining the positive momentum we’ve built over the past five years, and to having the right resources on hand for what comes next.”

As of September 8, TMD has moved operations from 457 King Street in London, Ontario, to the large, open-concept space on Horton Street to accommodate the growth of the company. The new, larger space gave TMD the opportunity to accommodate recent government health guidelines and pivot on design plans to renovate the space in a way that would keep it safe and healthy for employees and other stakeholders as restrictions continue to lift.

Dave Cliche and Diane Allen reviewing TMD's new office plans
Above: Dave Cliche and Diane Allen review TMD’s new office plans
(Photo courtesy of London Inc. Magazine / Steve Martin)

“While we’ve been remotely working and quietly expanding, our new office has been getting renovations and upgrades that will allow our team, clients, and partners to be collaborative and creative in a safe way,” says Dave Cliche. “Our ability to bring those core capabilities to our clients is critical to what we do, locked down or not.”

The team is completing final renovations and has plans to thoughtfully move local team members into the new space throughout September. TMD’s Toronto and US-based teams will also have the ability to visit and work from the London headquarters when it is safe and reasonable to do so.

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