Part Two – The Organizational Gap

In Part Two, we look at the need for a strong network of relationships that gives you access to the information and resources you need to do your job successfully. It’s hard enough to meet the needs of “the organization” as a whole, mainly because strategic priorities have a habit of shifting just as you get close to meeting them.

To make things worse, though, there’s never one set of organizational demands: organizations are complex systems made up of many different groups, each with their own needs and agendas.

Closing the Organizational Gap

Closing the Organizational Gap requires that you invest in your ability to develop relationships inside your organization. The following suggestions are designed to give you a head start on building allies and eliminating foes. Have a look through the stuff below, and let’s find some time to connect.

Chapter 4
The Gap in Leadership
  • Get close to your friends…
  • Get closer to your enemies…
  • Build relationships
Chapter 5
Delivering the Impossible
  • Your job is to sell
  • Requirements rule
  • Do the math

Other key highlights from the book

Part 1
The Market Gap
Part 3
The Agency Gap

Finding the right agency partner

The work we do is important. How we work together with each other, our partners and their customers is how we make a difference.