Part One – The Market Gap

In Part One, we’ll look at the gap between what your customers want and what the brand is able to deliver. Like all the gaps we’ll be examining, this one is constantly evolving as buyer behaviours change, the outside world conspires to disrupt your market (i.e. “s*** happens”), and customer expectations shift.

Closing the Market Gap

Closing the Market Gap requires practical next steps and I get these might be tricky. The following suggestions are designed to give you a place to start to address the issues that ring true. Figure out where you need some help, and let’s find some time to connect.

Chapter 1
A Brave New Market
  • Know your Business Model
  • Differentiate your value proposition
  • Know what you’re selling
Chapter 2
Buyer Behaviour Has Changed
  • Know your customer
  • Understand the math
  • Find a good agency partner
Chapter 3
Buyer Expectations Have Changed
  • Perform a data audit
  • Get a CRM
  • Build a data management strategy

Other key highlights from the book

Part 2
The Organizational Gap
Part 3
The Agency Gap

Finding the right agency partner

The work we do is important. How we work together with each other, our partners and their customers is how we make a difference.